Monday, November 23, 2009

Sunday Lunch

What is it with Irish people and Sunday lunch? From experience it seems to be that if you are out for lunch on Sunday then it gives you a God given right to moan about everything. Is it because you know that you are back to work in one more day that makes people grumpy!!!!!

Yesterday we had a lovely family in for lunch for a Christening. Absolute pleasure to deal with and really friendly. Turns out the lady who booked it, Sharon, is a friend of the girl, Alison, who used to cut my hair about 8 years ago in Shay Dempseys salon in the Four Seasons. Small world. Definatly in Ireland anyway. So Shaorn is not included in my rant above.

Good luck to legend and friend Neven Maguire who launched his new cookbook "Home Chef" in the Nationel concert hall last week. A tidy piece of literature and well worth going out and buying. While there a copy of "Zest" should also be purchased. Great cause and when are you ever going to get a book with over 62 nation wide establishments all together.

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